I’m about to enter my 20s and I feel I have lived it all, I was born in a world already equipped with digital technology, I do not know of a world without a smartphone and instant messaging but has it really connected me to anything?

I seek more than I absorb, but this constant state of seeking is so gaspingly tired, that it makes me feel like I’m in loop day after day, week after week, early thoughts made me think oh it’s just me growing up but really in this living day pause or rather you may call it a lockdown just gave me more time to endeavor what I still don’t know?

I started my early 2020 months as a holiday and then life went to introspection and social media challenges.

I’m a teenager who likes football and running, seeking my joy in a ball and in an open field with beautiful sky instead of screening my eyes out all day on gadgets. But here I’m strained in 4 walls of concrete I call home and towers of more bricks they call civilized society. They gave us phones and the internet in our hands and told us it shall all be fine. In this super-connected world, I feel disconnected.

A smartphone is a necessity but it really is just an extended privilege that we call a basic necessity. We are living with this privilege like a daily need to stir our ways to spend hours in the hope of tomorrow. I may be able to step down and share a bench with someone in the park without a doubt. But now doubts and concern raised us to this point, in an already hidden and pretentious society which wore constant masks of diplomacy.

Does this new mask make us any different, does it safeguard us from our own self?
I’m losing interest in all the privileges they build for us.
Hours of scorning through various social media all I see is a small world around me and my phones tell me all about a man dying in a country seven seas away from me.
What about the hungry dog who just was looking to survive with a bite of bread and water to quench a little thirst, who will show me that?

Everything is so irrelevant so designed for me to get engrossed in things matter very little to me or are out of my controlled reach.

Anyone else losing interest in their phones? I sure am! Answering snaps seems monotonous when you’re only scrolling through it to while away your time. Tik Tok has become repetitive and isn’t as fun anymore because it’s all about “the hype”. Are you still on your phones because you have nothing better out there? I confess to you guys that I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time switching between the same 5-6 applications longing to have a picture-perfect body and a picture-perfect life.

It won’t be a stretch to say, social media is full of beautiful hopeless romantics who have spent their time on their appearances, and not enough time on their surroundings. Take a break, join a sport, try adopting a healthy lifestyle, work on your mental health, and for sure, don’t miss out on the real world while trying to fit in an imaginary one.

Over the past few centuries, we have seen an increase in the development of technologies leading to greater use of the online platforms. Top smartphone users currently spend 4 hours and 30 minutes on average, per day, on those devices. A productivity software company RescueTime, estimates average phone usage to be 3 hours and 15 minutes per day. With the enormous use of social media, our lives have become confined to our phones and other electronics. The balance of our lives has gone topsy turvy. On a small scale though, it is pretty obvious that people are trying to find new ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle. From the fact that a google search of “How to balance our life in a social world” brings up 332,000,000 results and there are hundreds of articles and books written about it, we know that people are actively looking for a change. Being aware is the first step towards change. You need to understand your world is not limited to your electronic buddies rather, you need to use them as a means to explore and connect with the real world. It is very well said that “Social media and technologies are not the agents of change, they are just tools. We the connected people are the agents of change.” By Stuart J Ellman.

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