Several eminent researchers have undertaken the herculean task of assessing the disadvantages of and threats posed by the popular social media platforms. One such research asserted that 72.2 percent of the participants of the study reported internet addiction due to social media apps. Likewise, 47.2% and 58.30% of the respondents reported considerable loss of social contact and perturbing levels of information overload, respectively. This clearly shows us the detrimental impact of the social media platforms that quite literally, rule our lives. From the time we get out of bed and till we hit the sack, we seem to be enchanted by their indefinite scroll. Techtimes reported, “46 percent of Americans admitted to checking their smartphones before they even get out of bed in the morning.” This just goes on to emphasise the hegemony of the existing social media platforms.

Orbiting recognises the fallouts of the existing trend and encourages its users to engage in networks called orbits to undo the vices of social media platforms.

Orbiting helps you find like- minded people close to you and paves the way to having a quality time. Post quarantine, one thing that should definitely go up on your bucket list is to unleash the wonders of Orbiting’s app!

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