Quarantine has not been easy for any of us. We are fighters for weathering and being resilient in the wake of such a formidable crisis. Here is a pat on your back from Orbiting!

Just like everything has its pros and cons, the lockdown is no exception. While most of us felt the walls of our homes closing in on us, we also took this as an opportunity to rediscover ourselves. I’m sure, a lot of us have cultivated new hobbies and have honed our prior skills.¬† My colleagues and I found ourselves revisiting photos of our childhood, face-timed our friends and family, reminisced the good times and bad, took to cooking and baking, voraciously read the novels that were gathering dust laying at the corner of our homes. Basically, we did all that we never could due to our busy schedules prior to the lockdown.

We at orbiting, address a very important contemporary issue- the lockdown that we have imposed on ourselves. The current social media platforms compel us to lead a sedentary lifestyle by wooing our attention with posts that are, mostly, irrelevant. As we hopefully look for information and posts that pique our interests, we lose track of our precious time. How does this benefit them (social media apps)? They capitalize on the time spent by users on their apps.

Business Today reported that owing to the current harrowing situation of COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown, there has been an 87% increase in social media usage. Indians spend an average of 4 hours on Facebook and WhatsApp.

We bring to you an app that will help you break the self- imposed shackles asunder. The aim of orbiting is to get people out of their homes and encourage them to network. This ingenious app provides you the opportunity to escape from time hogging apps and socialize with people around you. Having meaningful conversations, collaborating, and having the company of those in sync with you has just been made more plausible by Orbiting.

the next time you feel bored and need a break, start Orbiting!


¬†Check out the app to see how it works…