The heart-wrenching incident of a pregnant elephant succumbing to fatal injuries caused by the explosion of a pineapple laced with firecrackers has left us all shaken. Scientifically, Human beings are considered to be superior among the other members of the animal kingdom. Doesn’t this vest upon us the primordial responsibility of safeguarding other animals?

Our faculties are being utilised for contriving effective ways of harming others by engaging endlessly and hankering to develop advanced technologies. For what? to establish our dominance, in short.
Harmony and balance is seen depleting at an exponential rate. Have we got no compassion left in us to fathom the plights of the poor helpless animals who are in a worse position than us humans to endure the fallouts of corona? Who gives them water? Food? Shelter? when it comes to availing their benefits, who takes a step back? It’s time we started questioning and attempting to answer such questions because it’s always better late than never…
Here is a free verse to unveil the poignance of the situation:
Okay, You have said things but felt little,
We often forget where we derive the word Human and Humanity from.
Who are we to decide who lives and who doesn’t?
As we strive towards our own salvation of moral existence, we stand to fight the evil outside.
Why do we often forget there is a devil in each one of us, we must rather face that first.
We are humans- we are a mix of all emotions, we are the greed, we are the rage, we are the hunger, we are the hate, we are toxic.

But, we are also pure, innocent, caring and we have love residing in each of our hearts.
Nature has its own way to balance but who are we to play gods so constantly.
A knee to put someone to death or setting of an explosion in the mouth or putting millions to death by slitting throats open.

Around 12000 years ago, we discovered the magic and churn of agriculture and we have been progressing systematically to build civilizations.
We humans have survived the harsh laws of nature to succeed up till this moment.
What does this moment say to us?
I think the progress of millions of years is undone in one act.
Humans have the greatest tool known to us, as ‘Humanity,’ at their disposal.
Is it too late to get in touch with the lost humanity within us?
You know the answer.
Confront the devil in you- be brave, be better, be human.
Let’s vouch for every crippled voice and every trunk that seeks fruit.
We don’t need nuclear bombs that divide but, a song that unites us.
You know the rhyme, you know the song.
Connect Human to Humanity again.
The earth is as much mine as it is yours;
It’s been and always will be ours- let’s be its guardians.
(Special credits to Aarav)