God couldn’t be present everywhere to take care of his beloved children. Hence, he sent two angels to do his job for him- we know them as our parents. On account of father’s day, we are celebrating our dads and paying a tribute to them through this post. Papa, nana, baba… whatever you call them by, their value in our lives is the same- IMMEASURABLE.

You know this is what dads do- they love differently. They will get angry at you but an hour later, they will come to your room, sit down with you, cajole and try to strike a conversation. You will not want to, but he will stay there until you start speaking again.

You will say you love chocolate biscuits and he will pretend like he didn’t listen. But the very next day, you will find a jar of Nutella or a pack of Oreos kept somewhere in the kitchen. That’s the best thing he can do apart from telling you that he loves to the moon and back, for what you are and who you have made him as a father.

When you return from college or school, he will never ask, “how was your day?” he will say, “go eat something.” That’s how dad’s love. You will seek his permission to go on a trip with your friends, to which he will vehemently refuse with a ‘NO’ on the phone. He never agrees to anything in the first go, anyway. You will disconnect the call. He will then send flight tickets to your mail. Maybe that’s kind of how dad’s love.

You beg them to get you your dream device for 3 years straight, which he declines all along, and then when you least expect it, there comes your iPhone in a delightful box and a MacBook in its shining armour.

They love so fiercely yet they don’t want you to see it or perhaps, they just can’t show it well. When you come home after months, it’s he you will find waiting at the airport. He will tell you that he reached just ten minutes before you landed even though he’d be waiting there for an hour. That’s just how dad’s love.

He insists to drop you and pick you up from your friend’s birthday party or any other place that you may wish to go to. It’s not a breach of our ‘space,’ it’s their love for us which makes them care.
When you need someone to fight for you to get a hair drier replaced or to fix a fused light in your room, it’s your dad who is your go-to. At first, he will scold you for being careless with the light and wasting money on the hair drier but, ultimately, will make everything right. Maybe that’s how dad’s love.

It’s funny how more often than not, moms get all the credit and dads just take a backseat and watch you bloom. Dad never really speak a lot, say a lot. But deep down, even you know, that if you mess up big time in your life, he will pat you on your back, smile and say, “it’s okay, we’ll work this out.” Maybe that’s how dad’s love.

One day, when you will be leaving home for college or for work, you will catch him sitting silently in one corner, you will notice the lone tear in his eye and when you ask him, “what’s up?”

He will look at you and try to pull your leg, “from tomorrow, the house will seem more peaceful.”

You will see him smiling but you’ll know he’s crying inside and that’s perhaps how dad’s love.