Everyone is an artist you just
need to find your orbit

A location-based photo sharing platform that values your time!

Why Orbiting?

Did you know that an average person spends five years of their life on social media?

Unfortunately, only a fraction of this time is spent productively because it takes time to sieve through pointless data and find information that is really useful.
At Orbiting, we change that by encouraging connections based on shared interests by empowering users to post pictures on interest-based Orbits.

Say goodbye to the clutter.

Tired of scrolling through meaningless content in your social feed? Join Orbiting for purposeful content and connect with like-minded people through shared moments, locally & globally.

Instead of cluttering your feed with random content trending in any part of the world, Orbiting allows you to share and explore content in interest-based Orbits at the radius-proximity of your choice.

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Orbiting Dial to filter based on category
Orbiting Dial to filter based on location

Share, Explore & Interact 

Orbits are like your groups in which you upload photos, view photos uploaded by other users and connect with users from the orbits you’ve chosen to follow.

Objects revolving in our atmospheric orbits this action is called orbiting. But here we ensure if you have great content clicked and uploaded on orbiting, your uploads are going to viewed in various orbits.

Chakra is the most fun part of Orbiting. The Chakra is basically your filter but in the most fun way, You can use the Chakra to narrow down the searches that will help you connect better in the circles you wish to connect, You can also use it to filter the best post from your area to your city and of course global.

How to use Orbiting?

With Orbiting, you can showcase your special moments or art throughpictures on an attractive photo blog visible to other Orbiting users.However, unlike other social media, at Orbiting, we segregate contentbased on interests, as well as location, allowing you tofilter your feed based on your preferred distance

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About Us

Small but strong – Orbiting is a bootstrapped venture, helming a fight against social media giants that have turned you, the users, into products for generating marketing revenue.

At Orbiting, we are aiming at a collective change. We consider our users as partners, and not products, and invite you to invest your time in yourself by trying out our app.

Thank you,

Team Orbiting

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